I’m a Very Lucky Girl

So, I got my diamond ring anyway. It will take us a little longer to get to Europe, but I must confess, I really really really really like sparkly things. Even better? Since we bought the lifetime protection on my engagement ring, it is getting cleaned and re-plated at the same time as my new diamond wedding band is sized. That means my finger is going to be very lonely until late March, but very sparkly afterward!

Additionally, today I finally purchased the bar cabinet I had been wanting for months. I sold a bunch of old clothes, video games, and electronics on ebay in order to earn enough $$ that we could purchase this without dipping into our household $ or our savings account. I’m a little concerned about how well this piece will hold up over time, but it was the most stylish option in our price range (under $600) and will look darling in the mini-alcove in the dining room. Imagine it paired with the chandelier I am building and you will swoon at our twenty-something chicness. We obviously need to start drinking martinis STAT.

Acacia Mini Bar from CB2 $399

Edison Chandelier from Pottery Barn $399.99

Anyway, I’m excited. There is assembly required so I bet Tyler is excited, too ; ). This will be a great home for the cute little tasting glasses we bought when we toured the Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City last week. We have a ton of other beer drinking vessels(mugs, pilsner glasses, etc.) but now might be a good time to pick up some glassware appropriate for other drinks.


5 thoughts on “I’m a Very Lucky Girl

    • I assume you mean the ring? Yeah, definitely. I want to get some of the engagement ring and our wedding bands to put in my wedding photo book (it will get done one of these days!) so that would be awesome.

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