Midnight Snack

I’ve randomly started craving cereal again. I go through definite food phases and lately I have been all about toast with peanut butter, topped with banana slices or flax seed or cinnamon and salt (a personal favorite) or blackberry preserves or fresh blueberries or… the list goes on. Suddenly, after weeks and weeks of peanut butter, my brain switched into cereal-craving mode. I’ve had these cereal lovin’ thoughts for about a day, but have only just now indulged my desire. It’s strange for me to eat a snack so late. I’ve gotten pretty good about not eating after dinner but it feels like I am up at the wee hours of the night. Never mind that it’s not even 11 PM; Tyler has been asleep for nearly two hours and I stayed up to work on the computer. I’ve gotten used to an early bedtime and these past couple of hours of working in the dark make me feel it is much, much later than it is. I had a small, small bowl of Kashi GoLean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble. It’s delish and I highly recommend that you check it out. I may have to pick up some Cheerios or Cinnamon Puffins at the store tomorrow, because after I polished off this box, that left us with only old, stale Kashi Original fiber cereal and old stale GoLean Crunch. Wow, I didn’t realize I had become such a Kashi junky.

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