… Starting Over?

I feel like I am living well beneath my intelligence. My life (specifically referencing work) requires so little of my mind and I don’t believe I’ve ever been pushed intellectually, nor have I pushed myself, excepting rare occasions. Sometimes this feeling just hits me, although it never really goes away and I feel a constant discomfort, like when you wear a sweater that’s just a pinch too small. Today I am feeling a little low and susceptible to negative ruminations so this one has come to roost. I stumbled across some different personality type/intelligence research and commentary online thanks to one of my customized google alerts (don’t you love those?) and it reminded me of my lifelong struggle and my feeling that my brain is both my biggest asset and biggest liability. I’m determined to focus on the “asset” part of the equation and that means putting ever more energy and time into writing.


3 thoughts on “… Starting Over?

  1. Forgive me for not remembering – but what is it you do?

    Also, what happened to the baby post? It popped up on my google reader, but when I clicked on it there was nada.

    • haha. It figures that you WOULD notice that. I meant to schedule that post for tomorrow. Wait until 5AM CST my sweet.

      Oh, it doesn’t really matter what I do, does it? Most jobs are pretty menial when you think about it. I work in retail on the weekends and during the week I do assorted “marketing” – graphic design, webmaster, writing, photography. The variety is nice but there is so much of my brain I’m not using. I’m an abstract thinker… I’m well suited for large scale theories, brainstorming, etc. Working with all the little details is within my grasp, but doesn’t push me or “activate” me the way I’d like. Unfortunately, at our little organization, there is really only room for one idea man, and that is the director. He does a great job and maybe someday I can find a position like his. Wow, that was a long reply!

      • Yes, most jobs are menial. I agree with that. This is what drove me away from corporate america the first time. I thought I was meant for some greater purpose…in the end I came back because while that may be the case it just didn’t pay the bills.

        Sounds to me like you need to start your own company.

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