Kitchen Cure Take 2

It has been several months since I participated in Apartment Therapy’s Kitchen Cure. This blog just hosted another Kitchen Cure and although I did not participate, it reminded me that it is time for another deep cleaning in this well used room. It was a busy winter and my time working away from the home basically tripled, meaning chores like kitchen cleaning fell by the wayside. Tyler has done a great job filling in for me, but as much as he does, there are certain things that escape his notice (or caring), like cleaning out the coffee maker or wiping down spice jars. So, I decided to make an abbreviated list of kitchen tasks to “cure” my kitchen and bring it back up to snuff. Thankfully the organizational systems I put in place during the fall cure have worked well so there isn’t any huge overhaul needed, just a bit of cleaning and restocking.

Anne’s Spring Kitchen Cleanup:

  • Clean out pantry, wiping down food containers and noting items to replenish
  • Clean out freezer and refrigerator contents, wiping down surfaces
  • Clean kitchen surfaces (counters etc.)
  • Clean small appliances inside and out (blender, mixer, hand mixer)
  • Clean out coffee maker with vinegar, clean grinder
  • Clean kitchen drawers – remove contents, wipe down, replace
  • Clean cabinet fronts, baseboards, walls, windows + window frames
  • Move appliances and mop floors
  • Dust Ceiling Fan
  • Clean Hood
  • Remove clutter from top of refrigerator (it has started to collect an alarming number of washed beer bottles, which we may have begun saving waaaay too far in advance of our future home brewing projects)

I’m also going to use this opportunity to make a few small purchases. I may need a few more of the OXO airtight containers I use for flour etc. to house oats, oat bran, dried fruits, nuts, etc. Also on the list as potential purchases:

  • egg poacher
  • new dish towels
  • large flexible spatula

A few other items I’ve been pondering may make their entree into my kitchen at long last:

  • madeline pan
  • food processor

I’m torn about whether or not I should do any “beautifying” projects, since we plan to eventually update the look of the kitchen a bit-painting it at the very least. Should I wait until then to hang my new shelf? Where do I store the cookbooks left homeless when I bought the new bar cabinet? I will ponder these topics as I clean.


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