A Few Strange Things

I have been pondering the small idiosyncrasies that pepper our lives. I’m not talking about compulsions or weird habits, deeply ingrained, but rather the small choices we make every day that lend a bit of personal flair to our lives.

Things I Do That are a Wee Bit Strange:

1.) I don’t like eating with big spoons. I like to eat with small spoons. If I stir a pot of oatmeal or bowl of soup with a larger spoon (a tablespoon), I will consciously choose to dirty another utensil, putting the perfectly good spoon in the dishwasher and withdrawing a small spoon. By larger spoon I mean the kind still intended as flatware – not a serving spoon. Small spoons make me feel dainty.

2.) I like to put on my left sock before my right and my left shoe before its mate. I try to always step “first” with my left and when I pace the hallway at work, counting my strides, I count odd numbered steps on my left. If I forget or do it differently, the world doesn’t end, I just like it better this way.

3.) The open end of the pillowcase should point out- toward the edge of the bed. Do you feel there is a right and a wrong way to arrange your pillows?

4.) I still believe in “saving the best for last” and try to savor the part of the meal I’m most excited about at the end. Sometimes this makes Tyler mad – especially when he cooked meat for me – he keeps demanding to know how my hamburger is when I haven’t touched it yet. He should know that this implies the hamburger is the best part of my meal!

5.) I salt almost everything – but lately I’ve become especially addicted to salting butter and peanut butter. I eat toast or a toasted bagel topped with one of those two spreads, and then a healthy dose of sea salt. It’s crunchy and good.

What about you?

It’s interesting to notice how many of these eccentricities revolve around the cycles that move our daily lives – eating, sleeping, getting dressed. Maybe it’s our way of customizing our daily experience or maybe it’s a way to assert our individuality during pursuits each and every one of us partake of day in and day out. Well, most of us. I suppose some people don’t wear clothes ; ).

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