Home Decorating Inspiration

I’ve been sort of playing along with Apartment Therapy’s Spring Cure. I could use the guidance as there are a few things I’d like to do to make the house “finished” but sometimes it’s hard for me to focus on the end result that I want. To that end, I’ve been using polyvore, a free online tool that allows you to create inspiration boards. It’s far from perfect, and if I wanted a really nice looking inspiration board, I’d make it myself, but this is quick, easy, and provides access to a ton of “clippings” from across the web. Here are a few mockups I’ve made to help me visualize my rooms in their finished state.

My Office:

At the moment, I have dark shelves installed on silver mounting hardware above my desk. A rustic/industrial desk similar to the table shown is in the works (dark wood on a metal base). I have a vintage chair almost identical to the Urban Outfitters one shown, although the desk chair is a typical black monstrosity, but it’s comfortable and gets the job done for now. I have linen curtains hung with silver hardware over jute blinds. The woodwork is painted white and the walls are “Abalone Shell”, a greyish color that tints almost pink or purple in certain lights. I have a dark file cabinet (which is actually covered with chalkboard paint) and a swing arm lamp somewhat similar to the one shown. Top on my wishlist is a modern daybed like the one shown from West Elm that will provide a place for me and Rory to cuddle, or guests to sleep. That will be paired with some sort of table, to make reading convenient. The floor desperately needs a soft, fluffy rug. I was surprised to find some inspiration for art through polyvore. I was able to see what colors might coordinate with my existing stuff and I will use that to guide me.
Dining Room:

The dining room is close to “finished”. As you may remember, the same dark shelves hang in the “nook” that are now in my office, supporting glassware, white porcelain, and silver. Underneath is now our new bar cabinet (similar to one shown), topped with a round Ikea lamp (similar to one shown). A dark wood pub table and four chairs, upholstered in mocha microfiber sit opposite the cabinet and are anchored by 2 large framed pictures of winter forest scenes. You already know about the light I’m coveting, so I used this chance to play around with accessories. The chairs might fare better against the onslaught of Rory’s fur with a new upholstery job – a quick and easy fix that might give me the chance to use a small amount of pattern. Someday, a rug might be nice, but we have carpet in that room and I am really unsure how I feel about layering the two. Sparkly accessories like this candelabra and rock crystal candle holder might bring some life into this rather dark room. Fun art – like squiggle sketches or doggie profiles are something I’ve contemplated for above the bar. Finally, the opposite end of the room features the patio door, which is used to let Rory in and out. We keep a rather unslightly pile of old towels next to the door to wipe her muddy paws and that might be better stashed in a wire basket. The walls flanking the door are rather empty – perhaps they need some lighting – sconces or some sort of reflective piece of art seems to fit the bill.

Living Room:

We have the sectional, chair, glass sofa table, side table, and lamp. The coffee table is almost finished – we built our own industrial chic table and the sealant is drying in the garage. A wire basket to match the one in the dining room would be nice under the sofa table for storing extra throw blankets. We usually have at least 2 on the couch. Eventually I’d like to refinish the wood on our vintage chair and make new cushions for it, but first our sofa desperately cries out for new pillows. A new rug is on my personal wish list, layering over carpet or not, but the nice ones are pricey. I’d like a small, structurally interesting side table for the side chair, but our room is small and I’m afraid it will feel cluttered. Bookshelves flank the sofa, featuring baskets and art mixed in with the novels. This room is the closest to being completely finished. I’ve omitted the other side of the room – which contains the media console we built as well as 4 chunky floating shelves decorated with black and silver picture frames. The other item I am considering is some sort of metal wall art to hang on the partial wall behind the sectional. We have a rather awkward window set-up that leaves one strip of wall exposed and it seems very lonely. Once again, I worry about a cluttered look – but it looks nice *here*…

That leaves my priority list as follows for these three rooms:

1.) Finish coffee table
2.) Build desk for office
3.) Pillows for sectional
4.) Modern daybed
5.) Art for dining room
6.) Art for office
7.) Light for dining room
8.) Refinish chairs and cushions
-side table(s)
-wire baskets/storage
-desk chair

That’s all for today- bedroom and bath coming next.


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