Coffee Table

Ta Da!

I wrote just yesterday that the top item on my decorating priority list was finishing the coffee table. Finished! I thought it would need another coat of lacquer but I decided the three I already labored through were enough. More pics later + a detailed tutorial, because I know you will all want to rush to Home Depot to begin making your own ; ). For now, I am packing to head out of town for the weekend. Please don’t come rob my house. If you do, the police will probably track you down through this blog. Plus, I’d be very sad. Anyway, we were going for the whole industrial/rustic/reclaimed chic look. I couldn’t afford $2,000 for some piece of wood someone else had dug out of a dumpster and painstakingly sanded and refinished and promptly marked up a bazzilion percent, so I went about it my own way. As an added bonus, this allowed us to customize the table to our preferred dimensions. Tyler is pleased to report it’s the perfect height for putting his feet on. I think it looks like a great spot for playing board games ; ).


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