The W.C.

We have a TINY bathroom. Tile is white with a green stripe and floor is hideous. We hope to paint the walls a pale grey, the trim and cabinets white, and possibly change out the flooring for fresh white laminate tiles. The small space is blessed with loads of natural light, so it keeps things bright and airy. We want to match the rest of the house but keep things fresh and vibrant. I have plans to revamp a shower curtain with a subtle white pattern that will lend a rustic/Anthropologie-esque feel to the bath. Glass containers, a teak bath caddy or bath mat, silver wire mesh storage and simple glass and silver hardware will accessorize the room in simple style. I’d like to add a simple white porcelain tray to the toilet, change out the light fixture, and add a few pops of color via art. Finally, a cushy bathmat provides the comfort my tootsies crave.
1.) rip out existing hardware (awful moldy toothbrush holder ON THE WALL, for example)
2.) paint walls, trim, cabinets, vanity mirror
3.) replace light
4.) new hardware (new shelf, towel bar, towel hooks, mirror?)
5.) hang shower curtain rod higher, new shower curtain, curtain hooks
6.) new accessories
If we do updates, the whole project needs to cost less than $200 dollars – including paint and supplies, so that means prioritizing is a must. For instance, I’ve had to admit that I probably won’t get a new medicine cabinet/mirror, but I feel that a new light fixture would really “make” the space. Even if we only painted it would be a huge improvement over the dingy white that’s in there now.

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