Finding Inspiration and Finishing the Office

Caution! Sewing Supply Organization in Progress

Tyler has been hard at work on yet another project for me. Remember the coffee table? He’s building a desk and rolling cart for me in the same style! I’ve been working on sorting out my sewing stuff so I can move that corner of the room to the basement and make way for the next project – a fabulous DIY shipping pallet day bed. The room is nearing completion. Once Tyler finishes the desk pieces, I still have a few tasks left to finish:

– Patch and paint over dents in wall and trim (when we first adopted Rory, she was briefly kenneled in this room and managed to do a fair bit o’ damage)
– Decide where to put my TV
-Trim excess cable and hide cable modem and router in boxes (Boring but necessary)
-Decide on artwork, where to hang – and make it so
-Day bed — Tyler builds, I must locate a mattress and buy or sew a cover as well as a pillow or two for lounging


Closet (which was recently organized!):
-Run a power strip into closet to run printer, shredder, and camera chargers
-Hang a light in the closet (for obvious purposes)
-Add a couple more hooks to keep purses off the ground (I’ve started storing my purse and work bags in the closet to keep the main room clutter free)

Eventually I will refinish the chair in the office and sew a new cushion for it, as well, but for now it is fine. Also fine for now is the oh-so-standard black desk chair that I will live with for a while until I can either afford to replace it with something chic or until I decide to spend an afternoon “reupholstering” it. (When I use that word in quotes, it means that I plan to staple fabric to the frame in perhaps a less than professional manner.) I also need to decide on something for a side table or two. With a fabulous day bed like mine will be, afternoons of lounging with a beverage and a book are imminent and I must have somewhere to put these things… I have a few pieces I could use as is, DIY makeover, or perhaps hunt for something entirely new. There are always a million little finishing touches I’d like to add someday, including a fabulously fluffy rug and maybe different/updated lighting, but these things can wait. This room is nearly done! I can’t wait to post pics and share with everyone!

I ran across a blog yesterday that talked about the importance of identifying the function of rooms in order to create purposeful design. This means more than labeling a room (“office”) but drills into the heart of the matter – how do you use this space and what influence do you want it to exert on you? For most of the house I am a bit stumped, but the office speaks to me clearly now. I come here to be inspired. I come here to work – quietly, and effectively. Any distractions should be things that spark my imagination and make my mind a more fertile garden for ideas. This room must serve as a conduit and a catalyst that channels ideas from my brain directly to their medium. It should feel the opposite of ‘stressed’ or ‘tense’. It is not dressed up, but it should be put together. Colors, textures, shapes, and light all combine to promote creativity and productive energy. In short? It’s the opposite of my cubicle.


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