On the verge of an office…

TODAY my new desk will move into its home. I am super excited. To prepare, I moved out my old desk and my computer is momentarily residing at this temporary workstation. So far my to do list looks like:

– Patch and paint over dents in wall and trim
– Decide where to put my TV
-Trim excess cable and hide cable modem and router in boxes
Decide on artwork, where to hang – and make it so
-Day bed — Tyler builds, I must locate a mattress and buy or sew a cover as well as a pillow or two for lounging

Unfortunately, since I last wrote, my router went kaput. This means there is one more item on the list (and one more expense). Boo.

-Buy new router

I still haven’t done any of the closet projects, either, but I don’t really care. At the moment I am just SUPER EXCITED to get home tonight after work and revel in the glory of my new work station! Stay tuned for pics as well as a rather ingenious idea for controlling cord clutter, courtesy of my marvelous husband.


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