Springtime Bliss

We’ve been having the most gorgeous weather this April and I wanted to celebrate by sharing a few photos. I visited Botanica last night with Tyler and my family and enjoyed the beautiful gardens and cool evening air while capturing a few photos. Don’t these pictures just make you want to have a garden party immediately?

Lilacs are always a favorite of mine and they are blooming early this year. Their fragrance perfumes the air. Although their dainty blossoms are subtle, the scent is haunting and guarantees this springtime belle will be imprinted on your consciousness whether you realize it or not.

What an intense shade of pink! Human beings adorn ourselves with all sorts of colorful creations, but the range of nature’s palette is beyond our reach. What exceeds the saturated color and magnificent texture of these flower petals?

I just wanted to show you that we have cherry blossoms in Kansas, too. They are so rarely planted, though, that I almost didn’t know what these blooms were! I had to hold the branch on which these fluttery petals hung in order to get a photo – the Kansas wind was buffeting the tree this way and that.

Look at that! All the pictures are pink : ). I took more photos that display a greater range of color, but pink is a fun one for spring. It’s fresh and full of flirtatious promises about the warmer days to come.

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