Gone but not Forgotten

I haven’t felt like posting much. I’ve been busy (business trip last week) and distracted. I’ve been burnt out on buzz-words and self-promotion and all that hooey. (Yes, hooey). But, I’ve still been creating. With Tyler’s help, of course, we’ve finished a big project (the fabled desk!) and are nearly done with another (industrial chic shipping pallet daybed). We’ve rearranged a bit and I’m contemplating a wall mural. I’m trying to carve out time from my annoyingly busy work schedule to do a few creative projects *just for me*. No luck in that arena yet, but I hold out hope.

Last week I made a fun Etsy purchase. I bought a cute case to keep my Nikon Coolpix camera safe in my purse and free from scratches. Danger-prone outings like hiking necessitate a heavier-duty case, but this one is PERFECT for every day! I’m happy with the quality and price (price+shipping totaled less than $20). Did I mention? It’s adorable. Check it out. The company is named “Downstairs Designs” and there are cute cases in many sizes. I might need a passport/travel wallet next…

C. Downstairs Designs

Anyway, I’ll probably post again soon. I do want to share the how-to for our projects, but if I disappear again, just know that I am still busy creating and I will get back to you soon.

P.S. Congrats to my parents who bought a new house! They deserve a bigger space after many many years in a cramped little ranch and kudos to them for stimulating the local, state, and possibly national economy. : D


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