Sinking into sumptuous pillows of downy ease

A few more peeks at my new pillow collection. See the bounty that $1.59 (+ a little reuse and recycle!) can buy.

The breakdown:

– 2 ivory microfiber pillows (2 years old), updated with $1.59 worth of fabric paint

– 2 “linen” pillows made out of scraps of canvas drop cloth leftover from our upholstered headboard project

– 2 large faux fur pillows made out of fabric I was sent in error 5 years ago (when I operated a small sewing business)

– 1 existing IKEA Linen case

– 1 existing blue and silver beaded pillow (from TJ Maxx 5 years ago)

– 1 kidney pillow made from one of the pillows that came with the couch, chopped up and resewn

My version of the hippocratic oath- First, use what you have.


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