Babysitting Kit

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of babysitting my niece for an afternoon. I prepared a special kit to make sure our hours together were successful ones!

Babysitting Kit (for relatively little babies!)

  • CD of Mahler Symphony 2 (for the brains!)
  • CD of Rachmaninoff piano trios (for napping)
  • CD of Brahms’ Requiem (for napping-she does that a lot)
  • CD of Piazzola tangos (for playtime!)
  • digital SLR (for capturing cuteness)
  • book (for “just in case”)
  • pants to mend (for passing time during naps)

Overall we had a delightful success of a time. She slept, we walked, she gazed at her mobile, she slept some more, and then she pee-ed on me when we were snuggling/napping. Next time I babysit I am adding “extra shirt (for accidents)” to the list. I was pleased to observe how much she loves classical music. My mom had told me that they normally play it for her and she is soothed to sleep on the notes of Haydn, Beethoven, and the like. I observed first hand how important this noise is for her. I had to turn off the classical radio station that was playing in order to put in one of my CDs. Even though she was already asleep, the second the music stopped, she began to fuss and squirm her way toward consciousness. I quickly began to hum the theme of the song that had been playing and she settled right down. I kept humming until the new music began and the crisis was averted ; ).

I wanted to read her a book, but she was really more interested in grabbing my hair like a monkey after a banana. I figure we have plenty of time for reading when she is older ; ).


2 thoughts on “Babysitting Kit

  1. Oh the extra clothes! Has you sister packed a bag of extra clothes for her as well as Lily? I still have one in the back of my car from when Justus was a babe…oh the joys of littles!

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