DIY Beaded Bib Necklace Art Tee

Oh! Those summer nights.

The “bib” look has been big for a couple of seasons now and I’ve been dying to make something out of this trend. I’ve loved the embellished tees from J.Crew and “stole” my inspiration from one of their latest. This project was perfect for the monthly craft night I’ve been enjoying with my friends and gave me the perfect opportunity to use up some of my “stash” of beads and embellishments. This was purely a free-form project and I designed as I went. The result came out better than I hoped for such a “fun” little project.


  • Plain cotton tee, washed. (I used a $5 tee from Old Navy)
  • Fabric from which to make the bib (I used an old Old Navy white tee that Rory had torn for fabric to match)
  • Embellishments – Ribbon, Fabric Ruffles, Beads, Sequins, you name it
  • Thread
  • Beading Needle (and a regular needle if desired)
  • Pins, Ruler, Scissors, etc.

Blank canvas.

Step 1.) Using the neckline as your guide, sketch your desired "bib". This will be the base for your "art"!

Step 2.) Cut out your bib, making any necessary adjustments.

Step 3.) Create any necessary embellishments. I used scrap fabric to create round rosettes and I used the old shirt hem to create a ruffle. Place and pin to achieve desired effect.

Step 4.) Sew (and/or glue) beads, filling in between your other embellishments. Using multiple textures creates a chic, layered look.

I reached the stage shown in the above picture last night. It took nearly two hours to get this far, although with a plan (and some glue), you could do this faster. I sewed each embellishment on individually and had to double and triple enforce some of the bindings due to exceptionally heavy beads. Many bloggers who have done similar projects report great results using beaded trim — let someone else do all the tiny, tedious work for you, and just have fun creating! I changed venues and finished the shirt this morning in my beautiful, sun-dappled backyard. Total time – 3 hours. Total cost – $5 for the shirt (used scrap fabric and leftover beads). This was one of the most enjoyable craft projects I’ve done in a long time, so that outweighs everything in my mind, but even still — 5$ for my version compared to $68 for J.Crew’s is pretty good. : )

Step 5.) Pin and sew (by hand) the bib to the shirt. Take care to use small stitches that will not be seen and use your decorations when possible to hide your work.

Step 6.) Trim away any excess fabric.


Close-up of the embellishments.

It's more difficult to take a picture of your torso than one might think. Terrible modeling job- but you get the idea!


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