I Am

I’ve been pondering a lot lately. What does it mean to “be yourself”? We start by identifying things we like. Even as young children we are proud to declare our preferences. “I like cookies!” or “I hate peas!” we shout. From there, our self-definition evolves to include what we do. When we meet new acquaintances, we tell them about our hobbies, mentioning skiing or knitting or the cinema, as if that could tell them who we are. Who am I?

“Who are you?” someone may ask. The simplest and most immediate answer that reaches my tongue is my name. I am Anne. Names are tricky, as immediate and essential as they may seem. I did not choose my name, at least, not at first. I recently chose to change my name. Even though the reason was a cultural standard- marriage -going to Social Security and making this legal move forever changed my answer to the question, “Who are you?”. It’s only been about a year since this switch, but I would have to say that any changes to “who I am” as a result of altering my surname are negligible.

A lot of people talk about their work or their job (these are not always the same thing) and let these things define them. I used to say, “I work in marketing” or “I work part time at Best Buy.” This is not who I am. Now I say, “I’m a writer.” I often go on to give a little detail about my wage-earning occupations because most people seem confused that “I am” something different than what I “do”, but I am a writer. I’m proud to say it.

So far I know: my name is Anne Dewvall, I like eating dessert, figure skating, and being creative. I am a writer.

More on this later, it’s a complicated topic.

Who are you?

Have you ever really thought about it?

4 thoughts on “I Am

  1. Anne,

    I find your pondering of this fundemental question interesting as it is something that few people consider, yet something I feel I put words to so many years ago, and feel more people should contemplate. I therefore find it interesting that you ask your self this question at this junction in your life as it will really determine the outcome for many years to come. Which direction will you take, will you make the right choices, or will you lead yourself down a winding dirtroad and find yourself lost in a field of nothing but dreams? Important indeed!

    It is always interesting to hear individuals describe who they think they are. As with most aspects of personality, they continue to evolve and develop as we age, however, I have always looked at describing who I am based upon the morals and values that I believe in and how my behaviors up hold those standards of who I am.

    I guess, based upon those morals, I set goals of who I want to become and how I want to improve upon my current state. I personally made a 10 year plan of where I saw myself and what I wanted to accomplish. Now I find myself in a similar position as you with trying to develop the next outline for who I want to be and where my next five years will lead me.

    Either way, I think introspection into the true beliefs and unbiased observation of the personality are the only way to fully understand who you are and how that relates use to the rest of society.

    • Interesting response, Steph, although despite your explanation of the way you came to understand and define “who you are”, you do not share any of these revelations. My own answer to this question is obviously far more layered and meaningful than the blog post I just wrote. I would like to clarify that I am NOT “asking [myself] this question at this junction in my life.” I ask it constantly. My answer is not new, old, or static, but a living and breathing thing akin to life itself.. What I am interested in is who YOU are. I simply chose to share my answer (or some of it) at this point not because it is some kind of epitome but because I am deeply interested in the answers of others. You failed to share your answer with me, Steph, and I am very disappointed.

      For the purpose of this blog, I started at the beginning. It’s a very good place to start. Do re mi…

  2. I really dislike the spacing on this as I swear I double clicked. . . wish I could edit the above, but too late now 🙂

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