So Much I Want to Do…

This post is to help me clarify my upcoming home improvement/decorating To-Do List.

-Fix blasted West Elm daybed cover (rip out seam, fit to mattress, insert zipper)
-Sew pillows (2 bolsters, 2-3 large loungeish pillows)
-(later) rug
-(later) new office chair
-(later) more attractive lighting

-sort out items that are in bookcase (side table) and store elsewhere, move bookcase to basement
-hang floating shelves for Tyler’s nightstands
-sew bed skirt to match headboard
-sew case for Rory’s dogbed
-make and hang picture frame jewelry storage
-buy boxes for Tyler’s and my odds-and-ends
-buy and implement accessories storage for closet
-order Room and Board slim C-Table (once I sell some more old furniture on Craigslist)

Living Room:
-buy, paint, hang “faux mantel” and hang pictures correspondingly
-organize DVDs – purchase storage boxes?
-redo art on shelves

Dining Room:
-buy, paint, hang mantel/shelf and hang pictures on long wall
-create art for bar cabinet wall (2 pics of Rory and squiggle drawing)
-hang art by door?
-get glass cut for top of bar cabinet
-new light fixture
-storage for Rory’s paw-cleaning supplies by door?

-figure out daybeds?
-new top for bar table
-repaint? bar chairs
-clean up, generally
-awning thingy
-move grill and chiminea
-figure out seating for rest of yard
-hang lights : )

-paint walls
-paint trim
-see where we are after that.

-paint walls
-paint cabinets (oh lord)
-see where we are after that.

Wow… just… wow. Why do I want to do so many things?!


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