Barfield’s Boutique Online

A friend and recent client of mine, James Barfield, hired me to write a press release about the launch of his new website. He franchised his mother’s apparel business to bring the family biz out of the local scene and spread his love for fashion across the nation. This started out as  a simple job – a favor for a colleague, really, but the more that James talked about his business, the more invested I became. He is passionate about stylish ladies clothing and aspires to create a business that is linked with the community that supports it. Despite his limited budget and the challenges he faces as a new entrepreneur, James’ top priority now that he has officially launched his website is partnering with women’s organizations and finding ways that he can support the causes that are dear to his heart. In this way, he hopes to build a symbiotic network of support. I love to support entrepreneurs like this — people who are pursuing their passions and who “get” the bigger picture – that business is about more than money. I’m excited about helping him reach his goals!

Check out his site here:

Download a pdf of the news release: barfieldonlinenewsrelease2


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