The Plan

Way back on April 4, I challenged myself to spend 60 days walking at least 10,000 steps per day and spending at least 60 minutes per day engaged in physical exercise of some variety. I have completed 61 days of this challenge. Things started well and I lost approximately 4 pounds during the first 3 weeks of the challenge. I’m not sure what happened (snacks…) but I gained back 2-3 of those pounds (and maybe all 4? I’ve had a hard time getting accurate weigh-ins lately). This means I am still 14-16 pounds above my “ultimate” weight, 9-11 pounds above my “happy” weight, and 4-6 pounds above my “my shorts and bathing suit bottoms fit the way they are supposed to” weight.

During this time I have still been watching what I eat (I never feel free to truly indulge. I haven’t had a single doughnut or delicious pastry, I haven’t imbibed juice or sugary soda, I have had ZERO hamburgers…etc.) but I do eat a lot and I nibble and snack liberally throughout the day… and night. Obviously I am eating more than I realize. Many of these days I walked upwards of 90-120 minutes per day, so I have to be doing something to gain weight. And that something is eating.

I have enjoyed the benefits of increased exercise. I feel like I don’t ever “need” or “deserve” a day off and it is easy for me to fall asleep. My legs are tan and my dog is pleased with our level of activity as well. I’ve always worked out- and for the past 3 years I have worked out 5+ days per week, but it was more often than not a chore that I procrastinated. Walking has been a way for me to be more active without feeling such a tremendous burden.

Still, I cannot bring myself to love the saddlebags on my thighs, the extra girth around my rear, or the scary droop of pudge under my toned arms. So, I have devised a plan.

The Plan:

Meals: Breakfast (250), Snack (200), Lunch (250), Snack (100), Dinner (400), Dessert (150) = 1350

Workouts by Week:

Walk 60 minutes per day, 4 times per week and do strength training for 15+ minutes

Walk 45 minutes per day, 3 times a week, and “workout” 30 minutes (additional, varied cardio)

=75 minutes min. each day.

I’ve planned the week so that on my days off/light days of work I can hit the gym, and on my long days (10+ hrs at the office), I can get a quick workout in by walking Rory in the morning, doing some weights, and walking during my lunch break. This schedule should give my plan a reasonable chance of success.

I also plan to buy a heart-rate monitor so I can be sure that my “additional” cardio workouts are of high enough intensity to challenge my body. We humans have a way of letting ourselves off easy.

I challenge myself to follow “The Plan” for 4-weeks. I will check in with you in 28 days. Today is Day 1. Monday is Day 1.

Weight = X

Goal = X-6 lbs  (96% of X)


Anyone have any weight loss tips for someone who is already active/eats healthy?


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