Dining Room Art Project – Phase 1

The dining room recently received a bit of “bling”. (I refer to art and accessories that way, at least until a new word upstages bling in popular culture parlance. If this has already happened and I just didn’t notice, please leave me a comment.) The wall space between the new buffet and our storage shelves was bare. The only accessories? The dimmer and the thermostat. This is not exactly what I would consider a showcase. Enter two fun and inexpensive projects! I ordered a vintage map from Jamaica and cut out a simple mat to showcase it in a very simple “gallery style” frame and then made my own art with a photo project featuring our own gorgeous doggie, Rory! Read on for more!

The map was a simple project – bought it off of Etsy for around $10 and carefully measured and cut a piece of cardstock to form an appropriate mat for the odd-sized object. I chose Jamaica for two reasons: 1.) We vacationed here on our honeymoon and I thought it particularly appropriate to hang above our bar cabinet (which still houses at least one bottle of Jamaican rum). 2.) It looked really cool. : ) The font was spectacularly piratical and the design was quaint. There are tons of great and interesting maps on Etsy – many are pages from old encyclopedias or textbooks. I particularly love specialty maps like the marine/naval maps with water depth measurements or aeronautical maps like ones pilots use. It intrigues me to perceive the world through the lenses of a specialist. The things *I* need to know about (where the streets are, where the rivers are, etc.) are not necessarily the things you need to know about when you are flying an airplane! Fun. : )

The pictures of Rory are a simple DIY project I crafted on my computer. I will post a tutorial later if anyone is interested, but with the aid of my digital camera, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, I had a pair of lovely prints ready to frame in about an hour. They’re a wonderful homage to our canine friend that are a step up art-wise from a simple framed snapshot.

It’s amazing how a few accessories can brighten a space. It’s important to me that our art have “meaning” and not be merely decorative, so I’m pleased that we have a few sentimental pieces up on the wall. As usual, I was thrifty. The frames were all previous possessions, having been recycled from former dwellings and having housed other pieces of art. The only cost was for the map, so this entire project rang up at $10 for the vintage piece.




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