Craft Project Roundup

It’s time for another wish-list. I seem to have ZERO free time lately and my creative impulses are being thwarted. Here are a few cute projects I wish I had time to create:

ABC Pebble Magnets (quick, inexpensive, and kid-friendly!)

Happy Hands Prints (ditto! another from the same site, avocado & papaya — tons of cute ideas. This one would be great for Lily’s new room – she has more wall space and I am looking for more inexpensive ways to bring white with pops of color into the art arrangements that will be above her changing table and crib)

Alphabet Book (seeing a trend… inexpensive and kid-friendly. Little Lily needs to learn her ABCs!)

A cute little skirt – maybe linen, and definitely with pockets.

A dreamy chiffon dress

Bib Necklaces!

Stationery sets for friends

Natural bath products (salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, etc.)

An old-fashioned (paper) address book to keep track of our friends and acquaintances if the digital apocalypse comes

Cute mailing labels

Stamp with our names/address

Wedding photo album/scrapbook

Clips for bags of chips, bread bags, etc. (using clothespins)

Jamaica/honeymoon photo album/scrapbook


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