Pottery Barn Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me – DIY Jewelry Display Frames

A few months ago, I spotted some adorable jewelry “frames” on Pottery Barn’s website and determined to make my own DIY version. With a few coats of white paint and a $0.99 package of cup hooks, I transformed an old picture frame into my own version. It’s true: my jewelry frame doesn’t look just like Pottery Barn’s. The frame (originally bought at Hobby Lobby and used for my wedding) is more substantial and I am not a big fan of antique finishes, so this is pure semi-gloss perfection. I added more hooks (for more storage, duh!), and even considered adding a wire across the bottom for hanging earrings. But, at an investment of less than 1 dollar compared to the $49 large version on PotteryBarn.com, it’s hard to complain with the results. I’m not going to even bother posting a tutorial because this is such a basic project. If you have questions, please ask. I’m happy to help!

I have actually had this project finished and on the wall for several weeks now. It blends in great with our bedroom. We have a small space and I used the same white semi-gloss paint that we used on the trim and on my dresser, so everything is very cohesive. The one surprise that came out of this project? I have a LOT fewer necklaces than I thought! Time for another DIY?


6 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me – DIY Jewelry Display Frames

  1. Making this right now!! Found a huge frame at goodwill ($6.50) and spray primer and raspberry paint (about $7) and of course the cup hooks ($3). My frame is so large that I am debating between putting a wire along the middle for earrings or a board to put more hooks. I can’t wait for it to dry!!!

  2. Love it! But I’m new to DIY projects and not sure how you attached the hooks? Is there a backing on the frame? Or is it just an open frame tha shows your wall color through? Thanks!

    • This particular frame is open – no backing, so what you see is the wall. The hooks are screwed in to the inside lip of the wood of the frame. You can do this with backing, though, in the same manner. You will need a thick enough picture frame to have room to screw hooks into it, however, but otherwise this project is fairly accommodating. Good luck! : )

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