Empowering Myself through Small Wins

I’m very goal-oriented, but big goals can be daunting, create stress that is a barrier to accomplishment, and can be difficult to pursue (since they are usually require a combination of steps and resources). Small goals (the accomplishment of which turns into small wins) are manageable, realistic, and can be accomplished in a shorter time frame and require less complexity.

Big Goals/Small Goals:

1. Lose weight (14 lbs to be exact. Somehow this number keeps rising…)

Small goal for the week (through Friday)

No extraneous snacking! I will eat 3 healthy meals, 2-3 “real” snacks, and I will not dip into the fruit, nuts, crackers, etc. I will track the calories from all of these eats accurately and I will not feel bad for indulging in a few small treats but I will NOT snack.

2. Finish 1st revision of my novel.

Small goal for the week (through Friday)

Make time to work on the book at least once – despite my homework, despite our landlord’s house-calls, despite my hectic job. I will type up the edits I made to chapter 15, and go on from there if I have time.

3. Finish my grad degree and get into doctoral program.

Work on school stuff every day (mostly reading, notes, etc.). If I get ahead on reading – start planning for my research papers and field observations. There is always something I can do to move closer to this goal.

So, to recap, Monday-Friday of this week I will:

  • Not snack outside my planned meals.
  • Work on my novel (at least) once.
  • Pursue scholarship daily.

A week ago…

A week ago, I climbed a mountain.

It was a slap in the face of my fear of heights. It was a grueling (for us) 10-hour round-trip. It was 16 miles of “fun”. It was one bathroom break in the woods. It was one peanut butter sandwich, one banana, 3 servings of trail mix, 1 package of turkey jerky and a desperate bite of 1/2 a Milky Way. It was 2 camelbaks and 4 water bottles. It was a girl, a guy, and a dog. It was awesome. It was totally worth it.