August Break Photos, yet to come

So my photos are on my camera. At home. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel like writing. I’m having trouble filling my day today. To be clear – I’ve done work. A lot of it. Remarkably efficiently. And now I have time to “kill”. I could start another project, but my brain is a bit tired. Breather!

I just went to Braum’s and bought a container of vanilla frozen yogurt, 2 bananas, and a peach. Then, I went to Sonic and bought a massive diet coke. I debated between eating ice cream and enjoying a float. I decided to double my pleasure and drink the diet coke straight and made a sliced banana/fro yo treat for later. I don’t like eating ice cream/custard/frozen yogurt/gelato/sorbet/etc unless it is FROZEN. The 110 degree day outside melted my fro yo fairly quickly en route. That didn’t stop me from having a few “test” bites as I served up my concoction, but I’d rather wait until my dessert. I brought a Greek yogurt for my snack… but somehow eating 150 calories of that did not seem nearly as nice as eating 200 calories of this.

Yeah. I’m looking forward to it. Afternoon dessert.


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