Books and Things

I’ve been going through a sort of limbo phase in my life. There are some issues at work (ie I haven’t been working) and instead I’ve been using this time to catch up on projects, bake, and think about what I want to focus on this year. I will write more about those focuses later (some of you know them as “resolutions”) but one that I’ve already been pursuing is the tandem goal of writing more and reading more. Those two activities are so intertwined, fueling one another. As I tried to hammer out my book this fall for NanoWriMo I let my reading slip. To be honest, reading had been on a downhill slide for me since my grad school adventure last year. I’d lost my zest for the printed word. I’m back in love with books and plan to keep a list of what I’ve read this year along with a few impressions. Continue reading


Winter Reading List

The pause between fall and spring semesters gives me a few more hours to devote to reading and boy are there a lot of words I’d like to run my eyes over. I’ve had a great time exploring some different literature, but lately I feel the pull to read with a more deliberate purpose, with a view to influencing my writing and development in one way or another. The following is a loose plan for my winter reading pursuits, subject to change at the shifting of my whims, of course, but I’m excited about the direction. Many are books I’ve read before. I learned to read early and read often – and accordingly plowed my way through great authors like Roald Dahl and Madeline L’Engle nearly two decades ago, and sadly, my mind has forgotten the finer points of their creations and I’d like to flesh out the warm afterglow with characters, plots, and observations of writing style and story architecture.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (reread)

Animal Farm (reread)

Everything that Rises must Converge

The Fountainhead

Island (Huxley)

The Moon Pool

Nausea (Satre)

The Satanic Verses (Rushdie)

The Stranger (Camus)

The 3rd Policeman

Watership Down

A Wrinkle in Time (reread)

Roald Dahl (reread)

Wizard of Oz books (reread)


If there’s time, I’d like to find some of Thomas Hardy’s lesser-known works, as well, and perhaps see what’s worthwhile in recent authorship. Any recommendations on new-ish releases? My literary snobbishness has guided me toward “classics” in the past, so I haven’t touched much that’s been published prior to my lifetime. There are, of course, exceptions, but I’d love to know what you think the “new classics” are.






Gift Guide

At this time of year, it is natural for one’s mind to turn to the topic of giving. I’ve recently become aware that many people encounter difficulty selecting a present in which they can place total confidence the recipient will adore. I would hate for you, my friends and readers, to be in such a position with me. Never would I wish to cause such stress, such worry. I’ve undertaken to assemble several collections of items that shall guide you in my taste, should guidance be desired. The first of these guides relates to the domestic sphere, the home. If your curiosity burns to know what personal items I may covet, hold on, dear readers. Those collections are forthcoming. Below are a few items that would be welcome additions to my household. I hope it helps you. ; )

Sources: CB2, Nordstrom's, Red Envelope, Etsy, Apple, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn




P.S. This is all in good fun.  People who know me in real life – please don’t interpret this as a request for lavish gifts. Sometimes a gal just needs to spend a few hours online “shopping” for “presents”.