Goals and Such – Part II

This area of my goals may seem a bit self-centered, so I feel the need to present a preface. I spent my younger years awkwardly dressed and awkwardly groomed (I know many of you can relate). My college years were spent marginally better dressed and groomed, but significantly overweight. It is only in my early twenties that I have started to come into my own. It’s probably not a tragedy that I missed the short-shorts and spaghetti strap tank days, but it is important to me in my development as a person to enjoy looking and feeling great. At 25, I realize I am still young, but I feel the onset of age. Before I get any older and definitely before I have a child, I want to look and feel the absolute best I can – while taking excellent care of my health and setting myself up for success in the future. I already eat very healthfully, drink lots of water, exercise, run, and generally do good things – brush teeth, moisturize, etc., but I know I can do better – and I know I can feel better. A large portion of my looks-related self esteem has to do with my weight – I think I look good overall and I know I am in excellent shape cardio-vascularly and muscularly- but I would also feel sexier if I lost the pounds I’ve gained over the last 2 years and would be healthier without the extra fat. So, here is what I’m going to do about it:




  • Lose 11.5 pounds of fat and maintain weight
  • Reduce sugar intake, striving for one indulgent dessert per week (this goal will perhaps be my most difficult)
  • Switch to hormone-free milk and meat
  • Mix it up – do at least 3 different types of exercise per week, including interval training (my least favorite!)


  • Maintain sexy eyebrows and hair (I’ve recently become a believer in the power of a good eyebrow wax)
  • Increase my nightly moisturizing routine (prevention is key!)
  • Become a sunscreen addict
  • Plan and wear cute outfits while finishing updating my wardrobe to reflect the young, creative, on-the-go lady I am

2 thoughts on “Goals and Such – Part II

  1. A good eyebrow wax is essential to life. It took me 15 years to find the best waxer EVER and I’ll never let her go. I need to start night moisturizing, too. I’m so bad at that.

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