Wrapping up January and Working through February- Goals in Action

As the few of you who read my blog may know, it is mostly for my own benefit. I like to be able to flip back through the pages of my life and blogs are a great way to infuse a little accountability into the goal-setting process. Many of you may have set goals at the beginning of January. Perhaps you’d like to join me and track your progress so far. How are you doing? Are you accomplishing what you wanted to? Are you taking steps to make those goals attainable? Or maybe your goals have shifted, is it time to reevaluate your priorities?



  • Work on book every day- Started out well, but then we got involved in the house and I skipped several days. Still, made a much more concerted effort to engage regularly with the novel writing process and feel the benefit of focusing – even if for only a few moments a day- on the book.
  • Get halfway done with 3rd rewrite, structural changes- Did not finish, but did complete my outline of the book, fixing all the major plot holes (hopefully), developing characters further, etc. This was a huge task. Got Chapter 1 Re-written.
  • Cut back on blog reading and tv watching- Cut out 2 blogs I used to read daily because I realized they sucked my time and just made me feel badly about myself, through no fault of the writers. The issue is mine and I took steps to rectify it.
  • Create list of short story contests, post in clear view- Done!
  • Jot down creative writing ideas once a week- Only did this once.
  • At least once – go somewhere and people watch and daydream- Done!
  • Share short stories with <name – Done! I am making more of an effort to “put myself out there” and risk the opinions of others.
  • Write an article for the newsletter – I made sure to give myself a writing assignment at work. It’s my favorite thing, so I need to make time for it.
  • Pitch article to a news source – For the first time I pitched an article to a major news/entertainment outlet. I doubt I will hear back from them but I took a first step.


  • Lose 4.5 lbs – Only lost 2. Maybe. My weight was down 2 lbs but mysteriously skyrocketed this week. It’s probably an alien baby.
  • Dessert once per week- Major fail
  • Exercise 5 times per week – interval training at least once, weight training at
  • least once- Done!
  • Get back into skating at least once per week- Done!
  • Misc. personal goals- Could do better next month

Life Mission

  • Write down my life mission and mission for the year, start sharing- Done!
  • Plan portfolio – get mostly done- Umm, I sort of started… This is an important task for me so I must make it a priority.


  • Eat at 1 new restaurant- TJs Burgers in Wichita
  • Try Yoga- Done!
  • Dance Lessons with Tyler- Pushed off to a less stressful month.
  • Go to a movie- True Grit.


  • Submit plan of study, begin spring semester- Decided to take the semester off.
  • Submit paper to conference- Done! And it was accepted! Another first for me.
  • Apply to scholarships– Done!




Top Priorities: Writing, Portfolio, Catching up with/making time for  friends


  • Work on book every day- So far, so good.
  • Finish 3rd rewrite, structural changes- I’ve posted drafts of chapters 2 and 3 for my readers to review.
  • Seek input of <name>, <name>, and <name>, my book readers and idea assistants ; )
  • Cut back on blog reading and tv watching
  • Write a new short story
  • Submit a short story to a contest
  • Jot down creative writing ideas at least once
  • At least once – go somewhere and people-watch and daydream
  • Write an article for the newsletter
  • Pitch an article to a news source


  • Lose 3 Lbs (Weigh in “officially” on Sat Feb 5)
  • Dessert once per week- So far I am doing excellently : ) Mostly because we don’t have anything delicious to eat and no time to make anything, but a win is a win.
  • Exercise 5 times per week – interval training at least once, weight training at least once- Goin’ well.
  • Skate once per week
  • Eyebrow wax, bang trim
  • Schedule dentist appt, whiten teeth

Life Mission

  • Share life mission on my blog, share blog with Erik and Steve
  • Work on biz ideas
  • Get portfolio online (BY END OF MONTH SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE UP)


  • Eat at 1 new restaurant
  • Go to a movie (The King’s Speech)
  • Plan trip to Boston


  • Get in touch with Dr. X, my erstwhile mentor, about my book


  • Spend time with <Friend A> at least once
  • Spend time with <Friend B> at least once
  • Call <Friend C>
  • Call <Friend D>
  • Call <Friend E>



What about you?


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