The Purpose-Driven House

As a high-achiever, I feel bound to disclaim that our house is a work in progress. This is not due to a lack of appreciation for how far we’ve come or a rabid case of perfectionism but rather because I know just how good this house *can* be. After countless hours of hard work, an ocean of sweat and tears, and a recycling bin full of empty beer bottles, we have arrived at stage one (from ground zero). This is the first of a myriad of transformations that will reflect the changing lifestyle, practical needs, and aspirations of the Dewvall family. I feel we have awakened our house from its nearly year-long slumber and given it a mission to fulfill. It is our home – and it will strive to achieve this mission as completely as it can. While our home is not “finished”, it reflects its first purposeful reaches toward fulfillment. We celebrated this milestone in mid-April (most of our guests called it a “housewarming party”) and before the first arrivals rang our doorbell I took a few seconds to snap photos.

This is our bedroom. Its purpose is to be restful, calming, and inspirational. I want our minds and bodies to relax and feel free to dream. It reminds me of that hour in late summer evenings when twilight melds with night and your mind wanders sleepily, dreaming of faraway ships and starry skies and adventures to take another day. These pictures aren’t as pretty as they could be – I didn’t “style” the shoot or do something goofy to dress our room up like it’s starring in a magazine – this is how it is – at least when a load of laundry isn’t being folded on the bed – and I think you’ll agree that it accomplishes its purpose perfectly.

Soft grey walls creep up onto the ceiling while sunlight rushes in through windows to the east. Light comes from the south-facing window in the bathroom and from the doorway leading from the dining room and kitchen, providing natural light from three different sides. Our old lamps, headboard, bed, mirror, and dresser are still faithfully fulfilling their duty. A side table stole away from the living room and took up residence as a slightly larger receptacle for my nocturnal reading materials and a bargain ($15!) mid-century vintage piece that was totally worth the drive to a tiny Kansas town north of our area is an inconspicuous but practical choice for stowing away Tyler’s manly accoutrements (flashlight, nightstick, grenades: the usual). A new art display hangs over the bed in order to match the new super-sized scale of the wall. Vintage prints and grey textured paper stand in for future art selections. The same curtains from our old bedroom look fresh with new, more substantial curtain rods. The bench epitomizes “repurposed” furniture. Once a dining table, then a coffee table, and now a bench this piece of furniture has been passed through my family for years – more because of its indisputable usefulness than any kind of beauty or sentiment. Now, in a smooth charcoal, I feel it has finally found itself.

A hodge podge of inexpensive finds, family gifts, and DIY projects has created this resourceful, restful haven. With the high ceilings, simple furnishings, and sense of airiness and light, this is currently my favorite place in the house. However, it’s not done yet. Still in the works are a number of other projects including: reupholstering a (different) vintage slipper chair and placing that in front of the mirror, (possibly) purchasing a small table (like Urban Outfitter’s accordian table) and petite lamp for use with the chair, creating storage for jewelry pieces or a romantic candle display on top of the white dresser, sewing a new case for Rory’s bed, finding “real” art for the large frames on the wall, painting the uppermost ceiling alcove, and eventually transitioning to a larger bed with a larger headboard. For now, though, I’m sleeping easy in my cloudy-grey room that is perfectly fulfilling its purpose.


Headboard: DIY
Round table: JCPenney
Side table: Vintage
Bench: Family
Dresser: Vintage – Family
Sconces: Pottery Barn
Lampshades: Dillons Marketplace
Curtains: Target
Curtain Rods: Bed Bath and Beyond
Curtain Rings: Hobby Lobby
Photo Frames: Hobby Lobby, Michaels
Chair: Vintage
Mirror: Hobby Lobby
Quilt: Restoration Hardware
Sheets: Bed Bath and Beyond and Pottery Barn
Paint: Olympic