annesumer09bAnne was born with an innate affinity for “beautimous” things in all their various states of existence, large and small, tangible and ethereal. This blog celebrates the unleashing of imagination and creativity in a way that results in a more joyful, authentic, beautiful life. Ad Astra per Aspera begins by chronicling the attempts of Anne and her new husband to enhance the beauty and function of their domicile. As the blog develops, it grows in its own direction. Craft projects, recipes, travel, family and friends – all are fair game for blog posts.

Anne enjoys writing about herself in the third person, crafting, writing, and running, to name a few. She spends most of her day at the computer, for both work and pleasure so feel free to brighten her day with a comment or two. In fact, she insists!

The name of the blog, Ad Astra per Aspera, was inspired by the Kansas state motto and means, “To the stars through difficulty”.

Anne loves to work on freelance projects ranging from writing to graphic design to web design and beyond (party planning, organizing, sewing). Contact her at adewvall@gmail.com for more information.

Anne also writes for The Examiner as a DIY and Home/Living Examiner. Check out her articles here.


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