Gift Guide

At this time of year, it is natural for one’s mind to turn to the topic of giving. I’ve recently become aware that many people encounter difficulty selecting a present in which they can place total confidence the recipient will adore. I would hate for you, my friends and readers, to be in such a position with me. Never would I wish to cause such stress, such worry. I’ve undertaken to assemble several collections of items that shall guide you in my taste, should guidance be desired. The first of these guides relates to the domestic sphere, the home. If your curiosity burns to know what personal items I may covet, hold on, dear readers. Those collections are forthcoming. Below are a few items that would be welcome additions to my household. I hope it helps you. ; )

Sources: CB2, Nordstrom's, Red Envelope, Etsy, Apple, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn




P.S. This is all in good fun. ┬áPeople who know me in real life – please don’t interpret this as a request for lavish gifts.┬áSometimes a gal just needs to spend a few hours online “shopping” for “presents”.


Dining Room Art Project – Phase 1

The dining room recently received a bit of “bling”. (I refer to art and accessories that way, at least until a new word upstages bling in popular culture parlance. If this has already happened and I just didn’t notice, please leave me a comment.) The wall space between the new buffet and our storage shelves was bare. The only accessories? The dimmer and the thermostat. This is not exactly what I would consider a showcase. Enter two fun and inexpensive projects! I ordered a vintage map from Jamaica and cut out a simple mat to showcase it in a very simple “gallery style” frame and then made my own art with a photo project featuring our own gorgeous doggie, Rory! Read on for more!

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New Projects

I’ve been expanding my freelance services lately. Despite my previous post all about how “I am a writer” (and I am–I would rather be writing than doing anything else), a girl’s gotta pay the bills. So I’ve been leveraging my various skills and even learning a few new ones to meet the needs of a few local business people who are generous enough to hire me as their go-to girl. Earlier this week I did a fun “mini” photo-shoot with a local beauty business whose webpage I am redesigning to get a few shots of their top products. Here are a couple favorites from that morning:

Finding Inspiration and Finishing the Office

Caution! Sewing Supply Organization in Progress

Tyler has been hard at work on yet another project for me. Remember the coffee table? He’s building a desk and rolling cart for me in the same style! I’ve been working on sorting out my sewing stuff so I can move that corner of the room to the basement and make way for the next project – a fabulous DIY shipping pallet day bed. The room is nearing completion. Once Tyler finishes the desk pieces, I still have a few tasks left to finish:

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Pillow Talk

The living room desperately needs new accessories. I haven’t updated anything since we bought our sectional this fall and I like using textiles to pull the different elements of the room together. We have jute shades on the windows, natural linen curtains, white trim, pale blue walls, glass, metal, and wood elements, black frames and black and white photographs, a modern/rustic metal and wood entertainment center, silver light fixtures with linen shades, and cream carpet. A new coffee table is in the works and perhaps a rug. The sectional is a tan microfiber.

I love these soft shades of white and cream. They set a soothing mood and provide lots of interesting textural opportunities. I prefer low contrast and wish the sofa were a lighter hue to coordinate with my favorite pillows, but we thought that would be insane considering we eat almost every meal on the couch and Rory loves to splay out on the ground and rest her paws on the side of it. For us, pillows are practical, not just pretty. I use a minimum of five to create a nest for myself when I watch television and Tyler loves to nap on the couch.

These are inspiration photos. I have some materials already and will buy the rest of the fabric later. Pillows are so easy to sew it would be crazy for me to shell out upwards of $50 each, especially since the designs I favor are very simple to mimic. Canvas, linen, wool felt, faux fur and knits are all good candidates. I have a few existing pillows I may make over to fit in with the final decorating scheme. Reusing is one of the greenest (and cheapest!) things you can do. : )