DIY Curtain Rod Finials


If you read my blog, you will have learned several things about me. I am crafty. I am thrifty (generally). I am decorating our house on a budget. This third item allows me to apply items one and two in a real-life setting. For example, when it came time to hang curtains in the bedroom, instead of buying two new curtain rods (which were like, at least $30 each! Craziness!) I used two old curtain rods. Being recently married, my husband and I have a mish-mash of possessions from our previous abodes. I was able to find two curtain rods of the same color and the appropriate lengths and the best part was, they cost me zero dollars. However, one was missing a finial (those decorate baubles that stick off the end that look pretty and keep the curtain from sliding) and the other one had two UGLY finials. Solution? Trash those babies and make my own. Note: You can buy finials. The least expensive ones I found were $7 a pair and I’d rather put that money toward my new running shoes than some tacky curtain rod jewelry. You may have different (better?) uses for your time, but for a couple of dollars you can make your own, too.


  • 1 package of 6 wooden “dowel caps” purchased for $1.50 at Hobby Lobby. (They have all different sizes and shapes and the dowel caps are predrilled. If you are even thriftier than I am- you could actually make your entire curtain rod setup from scratch using dowel rods and caps from the craft department.)
  • Black craft paint
  • Modeling clay purchased for $1.00 at Target
  • 1 drinking straw
  • Scissors
  • For good measure, I also used glue. This is probably not necessary.

One of my curtain rods was the exact dimension of the dowel cap, so all I had to do was paint, stick a little clay inside, and jam them onto the ends of the rod. If you’ve ever inspected your curtain rods, and who doesn’t, this is basically what manufacturers do- but with classier materials.

The caps were just a pinch too small to fit over the larger curtain rod, so I adjusted accordingly.


1.) Paint dowel caps desired color and embellish. I considered hot-gluing a mother of pearl button to the end of each cap but decided to go for a minimalist effect. This is going into a serene, stylish bedroom after all, not granny’s craft closet. You may notice that the finials I made are small. They work with the scale of our room and with our style – if you decide to try this but have a grander scale or bolder style, don’t be afraid to go bigger.

2.) Cut straws into segments (use your best judgment- the deeper your dowel, the longer the straw needs to be).

3.) Insert a drop of glue into the hollow part of the dowel cap.

4.) Fill hole with clay.

5.) Insert straw into clay.

6.) Insert clay into hollow part of curtain rod.

7.) Jam dowel cap and straw into clay- sealing the two objects together.

8.) Let dry.

Not bad for $2.50, eh?