Your Daily Dose of Cuteness

Rory + Tyler playing in the leaves.













Getting Ready for Fall


The past few days have brought cooler weather and the first glimpses of yellow leaves. As fall approaches, I feel the urge to prepare the house to be the coziest little nest possible. I’ve already taken my tea kettle out of the cupboard and placed it on the counter next to the blender, getting ready for the transition from smoothies to hot tea. Today I washed the comforter and extra bedding in preparation for adding more layers to the bed. I finally found curtains for the living room last week and my attention has turned to the bedroom windows as I feel the desire to swath our windows in layer after layer of fabric. In case you do not already know this about me – I LOVE FALL, so these are activities I am eagerly anticipating and plan to savor – for me they are basically the opposite of the spring cleaning experience. Here are a few things I want to get done soon, before autumn is really upon us:

  • sew loops onto the comforter + duvet cover to keep them from slipping and sliding
  • buy more flannel sheets! mmm
  • put away summer kitchen items, get out winter ones
  • make felted cozies for my tea kettle and french press out of the wool sweaters I cleaned out of my closet
  • have Tyler spider proof the house (I cannot stand those damn wolf spiders that hide in every corner once it gets cold outside)
  • buy a bag of pumpkin spice coffee from The Spice Merchant, part of my annual “Welcome to Fall” experience
  • consider buying something autumnal for the front porch (mums? scarecrow? hay bale? none of the above?)
  • figure out new and creative ways to sneak butternut squash into Tyler’s food (he will eat it and he will like it!)
  • clean out closet in preparation for seasonal clothing transition
  • figure out how to knit, so I can make cozy things in the evenings to keep my lap warm

Anything else I should add to the list?