The Latest and Greatest In Spider-Killing Technology

Like many people, I don’t enjoy spiders. That’s putting it lightly, but I’m trying to be delicate here, and not risk any literate spiders reading of my vendetta and seeking revenge. I don’t enjoy spiders so much that I usually kill any who cross my path. If my handy husband is around, I usually invite him (translation: scream, flail, and run around wildly) to perform this task. When he is not, I’m left with a handful of options.

Bare-handed: not an option, despite what aforementioned handy husband thinks.

Poison: Good, if I’ve got any, and I don’t mind spraying toxic substances all over my carpet, walls, and breathing air.

With a shoe or nearby implement: Getting warmer, but then I have a dead spider stuck to my shoe. Fixing one problem with another problem is not ideal.

Enter: The Ultimate Spider Killer.

Step 1: Wrap a paper towel around a rubber mallet and secure with a rubber band. (A hammer can be substituted, but the large, even surface of a mallet is preferable)

Step 2: Extend your arm and carefully walk to the trashcan, taking great pains to avoid looking at or touching the spider carcass. A quick peek to ensure deadness is ok.

Step 3: Using scissors, cut the rubberband, releasing the soiled papertowel without having had to touch spider parts, dead or living, at any point.


Step 4: Re-arm your spider killer. Preparation is key.

Hint: These make excellent house-warming gifts for young ladies (or young men who behave like ladies) moving into their first place.


Craft Night Refreshments – no boys allowed

One of my friends has recently announced she will begin hosting an open craft night once a month for the ladies of our circle. Of course, I’m excited about working on projects while having a chance to socialize with all these lovely ladies, but I’m also excited to have an opportunity to try out some new recipes I’ve found-and many still yet to be discovered!

Girls deserve special goodies. Normally when I make something for a group it’s for a mixed crowd, or one dominated by husbands, so that influences my recipe choices. Men like things that are “hearty”. Big, chewy cookies and brownies, nothing with too many layers or flavors or delicate little crusts. They like things they can eat in one, impressive CHOMP. Frankly, I’m not going to spend three hours slaving over a special delicacy when I know that it will be devoured, not savored. That doesn’t mean this is *bad*, just that it requires a different mindset. These are a few things I’ve picked out that the ladies might like:

Cookie Dough Truffles

S’mores Cupcakes