Europe, Here We Come!

Tyler and I will be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary in just over a week. We wanted to do nice things for each other, and we’ve debated a lot of ideas. I even broke down and offered to combine our “present funds” (we each keep a running savings account to buy gifts for one another) and go on a *quick* Caribbean getaway. (I prefer longer trips but I know how much Tyler enjoyed Jamaica last year). After some serious discussion, we ultimately decided to do nothing. Go nowhere. Instead, we are combining our funds and beginning to save for a big European trip within the next (hopefully) two years.

I spent two weeks in Europe five years ago and loved it. The memories are still so vivid. I traveled to the four German-speaking countries with German-speaking high school classmates and visited places like Munich, Frankfurt, Innsbruck, and Lucerne. We still have plenty of time to hammer out the details, but I am already agonizing over whether we should head to the south of France or spend a leisurely vacation cruising the Mediterranean or hit up the hotspots of old Europe that I missed the first time (Prague, Vienna, Berlin, for starters). Tyler likes the idea of going somewhere with a beach. I wonder if Finland counts. I’m so excited to be able to plan another trip to Europe. I never thought I’d be able to convince Tyler to take a plane flight that long.

This discussion helped establish some things that are important to us. I *was* lobbying for a diamond band to accent my plain white gold one and Tyler might have been getting an iPad from me. As much as I love bling, Tyler and I would prefer to spend our resources on experiences; memories, adventures, than on ‘stuff’ – as nice and as fun as that stuff may be. Everyone is different, but this is what is important to us.