Apricot Abundance

We have apricots coming out our ears, and no, this is not a bad thing. My parents have an apricot tree in their backyard, and after a few years of neglect it has decided to become a fruit-producing machine. At one point my mom lobbied for the tree’s removal, but it is in full glory now. The ground underneath the tree is coated with the slick sludge of decaying apricots, as it’s impossible to gather them quickly enough. The Kansas wind helped take a few down, and I suppose although they are “wasted” on the ground, they do at least provide a feast for the smaller organisms with whom we share our earth.

We’ve been eating them raw, by the half dozen and I whipped up a deliciously simple apple cobbler the other night. These fruits are so ripe and sweet that I only sprinkled a tablespoon of sugar on the entire batch. I also served up a portion of the stewed apricots alongside my morning oatmeal yesterday, then enjoyed cobbler with vanilla frozen yogurt in the evening. This morning, I made pancakes and topped them with sliced apricots and whipped cream and the leftovers are destined to become a sassy apricot stir fry sauce tomorrow night.

It’s rare that we are blessed with such a bounty of fresh, flavorful produce so I am reveling in the pleasure!