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I forgot! Spring means STRAWBERRIES. I am feeling a bit more cheerful. Spring also means tulips, and the ones Tyler gave me smell divine. Do I still have time to plant any bulbs? While you ponder that (and get back to me if you know), I will leave you with a few delicious morsels that celebrate spring. Or at least, embrace its bounty to the fullest – and isn’t that what spring is about?

Strawberry Sundaes with Prosecco Sabayon – yes, yes yes! I made sabayon once… and am wondering why that was the only time. DELICIOUS. Forget the “compote” and all that fancy stuff – all you need is fresh berries and a dollop of sabayon to send your taste-buds into swirling, joyous ecstasy.

Strawberry Shortcakes – Classic and ALWAYS appropriate. Especially for breakfast. Think about it. Fruit and a biscuit. That’s totally appropriate for breakfast.

Strawberry Bellini – Drink your berries. I insist.

Southern-Style Strawberry Cake – Like a fancy dress; pink, fluffy, layered, this confection is perfect for a party.