My Feet Have Wings…


Salomon XT Wings, picture courtesy of

For the last year, I have been running in Salomon Pro 3D Ultra GTX shoes. They have been awesome. Until a lace snapped. With no REI within distance (they are the only ones I know of who carry a lace replacement kit – these laces are fancy: you can’t just pick up a new set at Wal-Mart) I was left to debate over my next move.

For nearly two whole months I have agonized over my decision, wearing an ancient pair of Adidas shoes with zero support or cushioning left and as a result, barely running due to the havoc they were wreaking on my feet. My feet were taking a beating – a 20 minute walk produced a half dozen bizarre blisters and callouses in a variety of unattractive places. Something had to be done. Should I stick with the same brand? Try a new one? Order something? Find something in town so I could try it on?

Finally, I reached a decision and the fruits of this labor arrived in my mailbox two days ago (yes, mailbox-shoe shopping in Wichita is a bit of a grim affair). Welcome to the world of Salomon XT Wings. I went for a brief walk last night with Rory and we ended up running half a mile. She had way too much energy for 10 PM and I wanted to fix that. These shoes are awesome. Did you hear me? Awesome. They have all the features I loved about my first pair of Salomons and in addition, they make you feel like you are running on soft, spongy little clouds. The “Wings” moniker is well-deserved. Well-done, Salomon, well-done! A new pair can set you back as much as $159.99 but if you run on a regular basis, or if you just happen to love your feet – it is worth every penny.


Bizarre, blister-inducing shoe decay - now safely banished to the trash can